Browse animation effects causing Bridge to freeze

Every time I select browse effects from the animation menu, Adobe Bridge launches (as expected).
When I navigate to the "Text/Blurs" folder and open it, Bridge freezes.
I know I can add an effect to my text without resorting to Bridge, but I'm following
Adobe's Classroom in a box and selecting this method to preview an effect is
causing Bridge to freeze.

Make sure your AE and your Bridge are up to date. There was a problem in earlier builds. Also, the Animation Effects previews in Bridge are resource intensive little buggers. Make sure that you have allocated an even number of MB of ram to other apps and you're not starving your system. If you only have 8 GB give 4 to other apps and 4 to AE, if you have 16 then you can give 4 to others and 12 to AE.