Can't open contacts app in ios 5 (ipad 2)

i've just upgraded my ipad 2 to ios5 and I can't open the contacs app anymore. Also it won't let me sync with outlook on my pc.

Me too - I can't open Contacts - when I try it immediately closes.
I upgraded iPad 2 to IOS 5 last night around 2200 UK time.
Also when I try to open Mail, Contacts, Calendar in Settings it immediately switches back to the home page.
All other Settings options appear to open without a problem.
Lastly I'm unable to make calls through Facetime.
All three issues appear to be linked to Contacts.
So far I've Reset All Settings, performed a hard reset and even a restore.  No change.
I think restore failed because after the reset, the iPad 2 told me to connect to iTunes and it performed a backup immediately without me instructing it too - I'm guessing it backed up whatever the problem is, and then restored me to the same position.
Very frustrating!!