HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 551dn - where did the drivers go?

I go to the download page to download the drivers for this 551dn.  I download all windows 7, 8, 8.1, 2008, 2012, so that i can put them on my print server.  I downloaded them from here..
when i get the file, lets say for windows 7/64bit, i choose...
HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 color M551 Printer Series PCL6 Print Driver (no Installer)
24 Sep 2014 21.3
I get the file downloaded (LJEnt-color-M551-Drv-no-installer_12297.exe), i run it, get the security warning and Run.  the file extracts - then POOF, the installer is gone.
where did the files go?  They aren't on the root of the C: drive, a folder/files were not created on my desktop, no files or folder created in my downloads folder.
I was never asked for a file save location.... ???  really?   is this this basic stuff? 
Where are the files?  this $$$ printer is a brick until i get drivers! 
First of all, HP... i'm not impressed.
All the files for all the drivers are in a series of temp folders...
hope this helps someone.

There is no change to this problem after 6 months since the last post. Put simply, and as stated in the previous posts, there is no way to scan a document and receive the image on your PC. If you are working with graphics for any length of time or want to create an image for inclusion as an image in a document or web page using this piece of equipment will not allow you to do so.
Great shame as every other function works well - it cannot be beyond the wit of HP to include a Windows application that enables you to scan an image, receive it in the software you are using at the time (e.g. Outlook, Word, Photoshop...) and use it in your work.
HP Printers several years older than this £1000+ Enterprise printer were able to do this simple job and have done so for a great many years. Just being able to use Microsoft's Fax and Scan would be start.