I can not print from Firefox, Firefox is not responding

I can not print from Firefox on one PC in my office. At one time printing was operable from Firefox on this PC, the user told me about one month ago Firefox would no longer print.
I went to the users PC - Windows XP Professional SP3 - Firefox opens no problem, I can go to any website, but when I click on the print icon, or file, print, nothing happens. I do not see the print icon in the task bar which shows you something is spooling, printing, I open Task Manager and I see Firefox is Not responding. I must end task.
We can print anything else on the PC, Internet Explorer 8 prints successfully, just Firefox will not print.
I also uninstalled the network printer, re-installed. Connected to another network printer, Firefox still will not print.
I also uninstalled the latest version of Firefox on the PC 15.0.1, went back a few versions and Firefox still will not print.
Can someone assist why Firefox refuses to print and when you try to print Firefox goes to a Not responding status ?

Hi Bob12
try to [http://kb.mozillazine.org/Problems_printing_web_pages#Reset_printer Reset printer] in [http://kb.mozillazine.org/About:config about:config] and check it again.
thank you