Lumia 800 doesn't keep time

I've had this problem for ever now, and none of the updates have fixed this issue, and I'm not the only one with this problem.
The clock of my Lumia 800 runs too fast, in a week or two, it will be 3-4 minutes ahead of time, and in a month it's already 5 minutes, this is just unacceptable. The difference gain slows down with time so to keep it within a minute I need to set the time very often (weekly).
I've tried using manual time, and automatic, both of which don't help the problem, and it seems the automatic time option doesn't even work since no matter what time you set, when you switch it to automatic, it doesn't do anything.
To be honest, I'm a little disappointed by the support this phone has gotten since it's release, especially with the firmware updates.

Hi masterpeura,
Thanks for your post.
If your Lumia does not retain the correct time when on network time I would suggest you have the Lumia checked by a Nokia Care Point or Repair Centre.
From personal experience I can say when linked to Network time my Lumia keeps accurate and correct time on my own network (GiffGaff/O2) and when abroad (US, T-Mobile). It will adjust between time zones within a minute of switching on or coming out of flight mode. Obviously there may be a reason why your phone is not doing so for which it will have to be checked by a repair centre.
Hope this helps,
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