Problem register Oracle Virtual Directory to WebLogic - urgent ... pls help

I'm a new to Oracle product and would like to install and run Oracle Virtual Directory for the following purpose:
Using LDAP client that connects to OVD and to issue ldapsearch command line based on the attrbiutes and filters of each one of the two Directories behind the OVD..
|-- Tivoli LDAP directory
LDAP client -> OVD ---|
|-- MS AD
I have downloaded the identity management package 11g and install only the OVD on Windows 2003 standard machine.
I then realized that I have to install the WebLogic package to have WEB UI to the OVD admin.
So I downloaded the WebLogic package and install it.
I followed the installation instructions of
'Installing and Configuring Only Oracle Virtual Directory Without a WebLogic Administration Domain' at
and complete the installation.
Notice that the OVD and the WeblOgic SW are installed on the same Windows machine.
After that I had to register Oracle Virtual Directory with the WebLogic Administration Server.
Running the command-line I got the following error:
Deploying NonJ2EEManagement Application...Done
Command failed: Exception while registering the instance
Details are logged in C:\....\provision.log
opmnctl registerintance: failed
The provision.log file has the following exception call stack:
Aug 18, 2009 4:08:05 PM logInitialCommand
INFO: Start of command: [registerinstance, -adminHost,, -adminPort, 7001, -adminUsername, weblogic, -oracleHome, C:\oracle\product\11.1.1\OracleIDM_1, -oracleInstance, C:\as_admin\asinst_1]
Aug 18, 2009 4:08:14 PM handleRunFailure
SEVERE: Command failed: Exception while registering the instance
Caused by: Unable to validate NonJ2EEManagement Application deployment on admin server.
     ... 3 more
Caused by: The AdminServer is not enabled for NonJ2ee applications.
     ... 4 more
Any thoughts ?

I am also facing the same problem. I have oracle internet directory 11.1.1 installed without domain. I then installed weblogic 32bit exe on same windows server.
while registering getting the same error. I think it is because of bit compatibility. OID is 64bit and weblogic is 32bit. Not sure.