Saving images from Safari to a folder of your own choosing....

... Other than desktop or another preset.
It's just that I'm more familiar with the Firefox/IE system on windows, i.e., you right-click, choose 'save as', pic your folder, etc... It's handy when you're grabbing a lot of different images with different destination folders in mind, and most of for sequential purposes... being able to give it a file-name, such as A01, A02 etc etc etc
Now, I don't seem to be able to do this on Safari, but surely there must be a way? Obviously, I know I can go to preferences>general>save downloa files to , but this is cumbersome when I want to save to one location for one file, another for the next, and most of, it doesn't allow me to name the files- I just have to go with whatever they happen to be called.
Is there any way around this? I'm at the point where I switch over to XP for this sort of activity, which is far from ideal.

You're welcome.
Interestingly, Apple once had the behavior of that menu item reversed. That is, Control-clicking gave you the "Save Image As..." option, while holding down the Option key changed the menu item to "Save Image to the Desktop." They changed the behavior many versions of Safari ago, to some people's consternation. In Apple's defense, I think they were trying to make things easier and simpler for the less-experienced computer user, who might have trouble navigating the Save dialog box or figuring out where they had just downloaded a file.