Sound Blaster Live 24-bit PCI Sound Card and Creative Sound Blaster PCI Card not detect

Ok here is my problem. I bought a Creative Sound Blaster PCI sound card a while back and it was working fine but recently when I would boot up my computer and try to play music say off of Winamp it says Bad DirectSound Driver. When I check device manager it shows no sound card there and in sounds and audio devices it says no audio device. Now my brother believed this to be a card fault so we went to Frys and bought a Sound Blaster Li've 24-bit PCI card. I uninstalled the old drivers and installed this new one but yet it's the same problem. My assumption was that Windows XP had something conflicting so I reinstalled the OS. It found the card and I installed the latest drivers?off of this site but now it does the same thing yet again with a fresh install of Windows XP. The card has been in all 3 of my PCI slots and it will detect it for a moment but then acts like as if the card was never installed. Like I never installed a sound card into the computer. The onboard audio has been disabled for a while now but I do not know what the problem could be. I did Scan for hardware changes but it doesn't show up. Sometimes when the card is detected if I do scan for hardware changes and the card is there it will just magically disappear from the device manager as if it was never there. Even when I try to load music and I see the card is detected it will not play the music and ends up locking up Winamp to the point that sometimes will go BSOD. Now I would really like to find out what the issue is because I am planning this weekend to swap out my motherboard with a duplicate board to see if that will end up fixing the problem but I want to find out if there is any other way to fix this issue. Thank you.Message Edited by AuXoIs on 02-25-200808:28 PM

Hmm what other options is there for the bios on PCI slots?Also anything you connect to the motherboard can have oxidization (I think its that) build up on the connection. Check the connector on the card and get a eraser (Pen eraser is better) and give it a good cleaning. The connector might have alot of build-up on it and you can see it by a dark yellowy colour. I cleaned my graphics card and ram connectors after they got alot of the build-up on them. On a older computer my graphics stopped working and this fixed it. Also I went away for a while (like a month) and came back to see that my puter didn't display anything. Opened it up and saw that the graphic card had alot of corrosion? on the card connector and in the slot. Does that if you computer is turned of for a long time. Had a heck of time trying to clean the slot out. One other thing that it could be is the sound card is faulty. I had an audigy 2 and it died a while back . It picks it up and then try and use it computer freezes and the after restart it's not there anymore. Hope it's not that problem. Hope this gives you something to go by.